Tuesday, November 15, 2011

T is for Turkey

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?  This month is flying!  I have some Thanksgiving trivia for ya..... Did you know Elvis came over on the Mayflower?  Yep, that's what one of our kinders (not in my class) told the teacher.  I thought it was important for you to know such info.  File it away for later use.  :)

I haven't had anything like that in my classroom, but I did have a sweet little girl tell me she was absent because she had garlic fever.  I hope I don't catch it.  Can anyone tell me if it is contagious?  I need any and all information you may have on garlic fever!

Seriously, we are knee deep in learning about Thanksgiving in our class.  I was surprised that none, as in NOT A SINGLE ONE, of my students could tell me anything about Pilgrims or Indians/ Native Americans.  Like not even those words associated with the holiday.  I have never had that happen.  They always know a little bit.   Well, luckily I just happen to have a few books on the subject!

Tonight I want to share a couple of ABC books with you.  I have never had a class that didn't love ABC books.  They can be about anything, it doesn't matter to them.  

The first book I picked up at Plymouth.  One year, a long time ago before I was married with kids, a friend and I decided to go to Plymouth for Thanksgiving.  Best Thanksgiving Book- ABC Adventure is a basic overview of Thanksgiving.  Basic is the key word here.  It is pretty simple and the pictures are pretty stereotypical, but I always enjoy reading it as an introduction.  It was especially good this year since there really wasn't any background knowledge.  Here's a peek inside:

Sorry about the glare.  I'll have to work on my camera skills.  Hopefully you get the idea, though. 

Next up is T is for Turkey- A True Thanksgiving Story

This is a great book!  Again, it is an ABC book, but this one tells a little more of the real story.  It is a class play where kids are telling the story.  Each letter is written in rhyme, so it's also really fun to read. 

Check out the cute pictures....
"A is for the American Story
Our school play will tell.
Some myths we'll set straight,
Other facts you know well."

The cute girl is introducing the play.  I LOVE that it sets some things straight.  It really has good information that seems to be historically accurate (although I am no expert!). 
It addresses Massasoit, the Wampanoag tribe, Squanto, Pilgrims clothing and Sarah Hale.  It also has factual information inside the back cover (including pronunciations, which I had to use). To me, this book is perfect for just about anything having to do with Thanksgiving and is a great introduction for a lesson.  

Does anyone have either of these books? 
Anyone been to Plymouth on Thanksgiving?  

Keep Reading,

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