Thursday, November 17, 2011

Been shopping....

Yesterday afternoon I had to pop into Target to grab a couple of things.  Guess what I saw? The cutest shirts!  Check these out.... 

There was a complete display in the baby/ toddler section.  Now, I usually am not crazy about character clothes, but I really like these.  I know it's because they are characters from great books. I love, love, love the Cat in the Hat and the Olivia shirt. If you look closely you can see the sleeves on Olivia are white with pink poker dots (that what my little one calls them).  I think at least one of them may find their way to my house.  :) 

The books were included in the display.  Wouldn't a book and a shirt make a great gift?  I'm thinking Christmas and/or birthday's.  If you have a little one to buy for soon head on over to Target and check them out.  

One more day and Hello Thanksgiving Break!  So excited!!!!  

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