Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am sending my kiddos home with cute little bubbles for Valentine's Day thanks to Fran over at Kindergarten Crayons (she has a cute freebie on TPT). My problem is my daughter's first grade class. Another mom and I have been splitting treats this year. We've already done treat bags for Halloween and Christmas, so I wanted to do a little something different this time. When I asked the teacher what she would like us to do she asked if we could get the kids some flashcards. No problem! Getting the flashcards was easy enough at Target's dollar spot. Love that dollar spot! Princess for the girls and Spiderman for the boys.

My problem is how to make them cute. You know they need to be cute, right? :) I thought I would tie them with a ribbon and add a card. I have searched for some kind of math valentine card and I can't find anything! Does anyone have any ideas? Is there somewhere I am not looking? Is there a really creative, tech savvy person out there who can throw somthing together? I might be willing to pay a small price. Someone please help me out!

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  1. Could you make a card that says "You and I ADD up to make a great pear" with a picture of a pear on it? That was the kind of card I used to get when I was a kid!


  2. That's really cute! I love it. Thanks for the idea. I know my bloggy friends are so creative they will have some great ideas.

  3. You could make cute little tissue paper flowers to go with them. Pinks and purples for the girls and red and blue and yellow for the boys. Not math-y, but those are really cute and fun to make!

  4. The flowers are a great idea. It would really dress them up. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the idea of using flash cards :) I just found your blog and am a new follower!

  6. You have such a cute blog...and less than 200 follower so I have awarded you the Liebster Award.
    Come by and check it out!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition