Friday, June 22, 2012

Frugal Finds

I wanted to share a few goodies I have been picking up here and there.  There's nothing earth shattering here, just what works for me.  :)  My first little frugal find is getting books at yard sales.  Now, I realize yard sales aren't for everyone, but you can find great bargains out there! I am able to go more in the summer, than during the school year.  I love it when the stars line up just right and my sister and I can go together.  It's more fun with someone else, and she can really spot some bargains!  I am always on the look out for books and let me tell you.... I find great children's books.

 A couple of weeks ago I picked these up for a dime each!  That's 70 cents ya'll!  I can barely buy a coke for that! I love picking up books because 1) I am able to build my library  2) It's not quite so bad when a book tears up (as they eventually do) and I know paid very little for it 3) If I end up with multiple copies, it  allows me to generous and share with others  4) Most people love to know a teacher is buying them and lots of time they will give you a really good deal, so strike up a conversation!  :)   and 5) You never know what you are going to find.... It's like a treasure hunt!  I have bought lots of different things for my classroom.  Another favorite is using flashcards to make ring books.  I find all kind of great things at yard sales, but I'm trying to stick to school related items here.  :)

I also popped in the dollar tree and picked up a couple of goodies for my class.  I am going to make the cute birthday balloons I have seen all over blog land.  I have seen different versions, but a straw (6 for $1), a little construction paper and you have a cute treat.  I love how colorful and fun these straws are! Here's a picture from Kindergarten Rocks. She has tons of great ideas.  I really like this one because it is a no sugar alternative to the jumbo pixie sticks. Be sure to check out her if you aren't familiar with her blog.  You will not be sorry!

I also found some birthday crowns.  These are pretty self-explanatory.  I am actually pretty impressed with the teaching/ classroom section of the Dollar Tree.  It may not be the highest quality, but not everything has to be..... depends on what you are using it for.

Moving on, this is not a bargain but it is definitely a great idea!  I was over at Growing Kinders  the other day and she shared how she organizes math stations and literacy centers. I love it when someone else figures it all out .  I haven't gotten a good system going for my station storage yet, so this is perfect.  (Click over to check out the entire post.)  I LOVE IT!!!


 All of the containers are not going to be cheap, but as I was reading through the comments someone said you can buy the these at Dollar General for a little bit cheaper than Target (only about 50 cents in my area).  However, you can get a $5 off $25 coupon on your receipt when you buy anything (like a pack of gum).  Use this coupon to buy your containers and it helps out a little bit...... and every little bit counts!

Finally, another favorite place for bargains is the Dollar Spot at Target (Our Walmart has a similar section now, but not as big).  I love to pick up cute note cards and they should be putting out school stuff soon.  I always check it out.

I love hearing about good deals others have found, so share yours!

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  1. Love these ideas. I am going to do those birthday straws this year. Love it! Thanks for linking up. Your newest follower, Stephanie